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My bunnypile

I am going to do plotbunny bootcamp and try to get my to do list shaped up a bit this year.

My To Do, mostly listed by fandom:

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If anyone else is interested, head over to plot_bunny_boot and sign up before the cut off on Valentine's Day.


Happy Birthday Kira!

Let me know what you want as your gift <3

Game Stuff

So, the hubby and I started playing SAO's Legend and we got our caracters married. Here's a pic of us, I am the studly knight lookin guy and Kev is the ranger :D

The venus's blessing means we are one of the top ten people in coupleness (they call it intamacy) on the server.
I am a major general by accident orf when I made a big donation to the guild, nothing more.


Nerdism runs in the family

My female spawn was looking through the YuGiOh cards we have stashed in the living room. She grabs the celtic guardian and says :Look it's older Link.

I can see what she means. <3

Seen on Facebook

I got to an article on curbing cravings for sugar and carbs on facebook today from Huffington post Living http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2016/01/29/stop-food-cravings_n_9089998.html

 I started reading down the neato little graphic they had with it.


I am going to go line by line on the graphic because it gets hillarious.
it goes in a format like if you crave this you are lacking this so eat this instead then gives a suggested recipe.

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I made a meme

give 4 negatives about yourself
give 4 positives about yourself

The I am someone statement. ( I think people, women especially are so used to objectifying and  being objectified that they forget each person even themself  is soemone at times. so I am making this mandatory)

Now for the fun part,
tell people who look down at you and talk behind your back, or to your face what not to do and why.

Here is mine:

Guess what:

1. I am obese, not chubby but really fat. No excuses just don't move enough to burn the calories I take in I guess.

2. I am getting old, unavoidable and some sort of a sin apparently, especially for women.

3. I am weak and slow, I was a lot stronger before the cancer treatments both physically and mentally. Age isn't helping either.

4. I am a loser, haven't worked full time ever. Haven't managed to get that job to go with either of the things I went to school for. Don't think I even have enough hours in to collect social security when I hit retirement age.

But Also:

1. I am a mother, I have two beautiful children who are growing into decent, responsible adults. Part of this may be because I stayed home and raised them due to a lack of daycare for my son, who is on the autistim spectrum, and a really poor job market at the time, the big recession.

2. I am a wife, for twenty years this October. I have found my other half and try to show my appreciation for the wonderful man who has stood by me, supported and taken care of me for all of that time.

3. I am a survivor, first a little skin cancer then breast cancer. I made it through chemo, surgery, more chemo, and radiation. It wasn't fun. I was very sick at points, a staff infection after the mastectomy and the cancer itself before the surgery giving me very high fevers and dehydration from nausea. I have lay in bed, laid low with aches and pain from the chemo and heard my family out in the next room conversing and laughing and was glad to hear it, because I knew they would go on without me if it came to that. It was rough, but I didn't give up and I didn't feel sorry for myself over it, I just plodded my way through as best I could and made it to the other side. My last scan was clean so for the moment things look good.

4. I am a decent friend, not to many, but to the few I count as close I will do my best for them. I am not the person to go to with romantic issues, I don't do matchmaking stuff. However, I will order a waterproof messenger bag sent to your house when I hear you regailing me tales of trying to get to the library with your computer in the rain in Brookings Oregon by wrapping the laptop in shopping bags. I would drive to Nevada if one of my friends I almost never hear from anymore needed me because we were friends for so long she is more like a sister to me still. I will wade into a bad situation and take blows from both sides to stop a stupid fight between two friends and know it was my choice to do so and not have hard feelings toward either of them for it. (dont this both figuratively and litterally before)

I am someone:

Someone to be respected, and cared for. Someone who knows what is what and is relatively happy in their life even with the extra weight and health issues.

So, when you see me in the street:

Don't tell me I am fat, because I may be fat, but that is not the sum of all that I am.

Don't tell me I am old, because I am still around to get older, and I refuse to let age stop me.

Don't tell me I am weak, or slow, because I couldn't walk to the bathroom last December and I am getting stronger all the time

Don't tell me I am a loser, because I have a husband, kids, home, family, pets and friends and in the grand scheme of life, I won.


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Tired of the Bathroom Law thing grrr

Ok it isn't new it is just bugging me because it is so much stupid.

the bathroom thing back east

From what I gather one community passed a local ordinance making it legal for transgendered people to use the bathroom that matched their gender identity. This news prompted the governor of that state to hold an emergency meeting and push through a bill making it illegal in that state to use a bathroom not of the gender on a persons birth cirtificate. This was done so fast I personally refer to it as the bathroom emergency incident. I am not sure that it was exactly something that needed such swift and drastic action with the other issues the state is dealing with, but I obviously think differently than a lot of people.

Here are my views on this subject..

People claim that the ability to use the bathroom that matches the gender you present as will lead to men assaulting women in the restroom by wearing a dress and claiming to identify as female.

It doesn't work that way*, but let's look at it as if it did.

Really think about it,

If you have to use the restroom on your birth certificate, any man can walk into the ladies room and claim to be trans as well, he won't have to dress up because trans men were born female and have spent a lot of effort to look just like men.

Also all of the trans women who have to now use the men's room are open to being harrassed and assaulted for being there and looking like a woman.

How would you even enforce this law? Does every citizen have to carry a birth cirtificate with them to prove their gender if asked? Is there going to be an enforced dress code for male and female? Maybe they will have to sew patches onto their clothing stating their gender.

Who is this law protecting? No one. In fact there have already been instances of women being singled out and told they can't use the restroom because they look too male. I have seen many posts by people threatening to shoot anyone who looks male entering a ladies room. It is a huge hate party and the brundt of it will once again be felt by the female population, you know, the ones this shitfest law is supposed to protect.

The transexual population is small. The chances of having a transexual in the bathroom with you is tiny. You are seriously more likely to be robbed in the shitter by a drug addict than pee next to a transexual.

*Oregon (where I live) has had nondiscrimination laws for trans people since 2007. There have not been hoards of men in dresses claiming to be more comfortable in the ladies room in order to assault women.

When it is fun to have kids

My daughter is fifteen now, we watch anime together and sometimes we have some really interesting conversations. I remembered to write one down this time, more or less. It is confusing if you haven't seen all of the anime we refer to, and some parodies of them as well, but I think the overall entertainment value is still there enough to share it.

We were watching fatestay night unlimited bladeworks on netflix which sparked this whole conversation.
Wouldn't it be great if someone just came in and summoned all of these guys they could once they figured out they could be summoned? Like get to about four or so before passing out?
He just collected them like Sinbad did in MAGI went on a power spree and then got cut off.

In an energetic voice, "I have collected all seven, I win."
Hehe, he confused it for Pokemon, gotta catch em all... (a few snippits of the pokemon theme song were sung here.)
Battle starts and he throws a pokeball, "Archer I choose you..." then Sagitarius from Fairy Tail appears, "Damn, I need to label these better." Throws the poke ball labled Sagitarious, and Saber comes out, "What did I do to all of my lables?"  Throws all of them and all of them come out, including China from Hetalia.